About The Show

Written by: David Mamet

Directed by: Daniel Sullivan

Location: Gerald Schoenfeld

First Preview: October 16, 2012
Opening Night: December 8, 2012


Cast & Creative Team

Al Pacino (Shelly Levene)

Bobby Cannavale (Ricky Roma)

David Harbour (John Williamson)

Richard Schiff (George Aaronow)

Jeremy Shamos (James Lingk)

Murphy Guyer (Baylen)

John C. McGinley (Dave Moss)


David Mamet (Playwright)

Daniel Sullivan (Director)

Eugene Lee (Set Design)

Jess Goldstein (Costume Design)

James F. Ingalls (Lighting Design)

        The stakes are high at a fly by night Chicago real estate office: 1st prize- a new Cadillac, 2nd prize- a set of steak knives, 3rd prize- you're fired! "Glengarry..." slices to the core of the American dream and exposes the depths people will go to stay on top of the game.